Everyone is talking about digitalisation – the concept, the need for it, the threat of not doing it, doing it too slowly. The requirement for agile organisations, more efficient, automated work processes….

But what does it mean to go through with it, to live digitalisation?

Hopefully, some of my thoughts can trigger an exchange of experiences about how digitalisation impacts on structure, people, culture, execution times, the pull between time intensive projects and expectations on line results?

  • How do you lead digitalisation and what is different from “projects” as we all know them?
  • How do you ensure you continuously challenge your ways of working, your business model and value chain? Do you need to create “challenger” companies externally to ensure you move fast enough?
  • How do you take those employees and other stakeholders not so comfortable with change, technology and flexible roles with you (and what can you do when that’s not possible?).
  • How do you deal with detours and, occasionally, failure (in a world without blueprint, this is inevitable).
  • How do you cope with decision-making in an uncertain environment and about things (aka technology) you might not be entirely familiar with?
  • Stakeholders will need to be managed, but how much time should you invest? Does it really have to cost THAT much (time/money/equipment/project working space?)?

The list goes on.

So, thank you for reading – and for your contributions.